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Dearest Disclaimer

You know I can't own you, even though I want to.

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.about the author.

Name: Jayden und Verwelkt
Age: Eighteen
Fandoms: Fire Emblem (specifically Archanea and Elibe), Weiß Kreuz
Writes: Gen, het, slash; angst, romance, humor, parody; one shots, one shot collections, works in progresses; basically anything and everything
OTPs: Marth/Caeda; Crawford/Schuldig
First fandom: Sailor Moon
Old fandoms: Sailor Moon, G Gundam, Harry Potter, Sukisho!, Count Cain/Godchild, Legend of Zelda, Pokemon, Fire Emblem 9, Resident Evil, bandom, Code Geass, Rurouni Kenshin.
Writes in: Weiß Kreuz and Fire Emblem (Archanea and Elibe)
I write the way I want. I don't care at all if you don't like it. I will not change the pairing, plot, etc of the story because you didn't like it. Not now and not ever. Don't get me wrong, I accept constructive criticism. It helps me become a better writer. [...] -- Goddess Leave

* I write slash mostly. Just because there are het pairings, doesn't mean there aren't slash pairings in my fics.
* I write what I read/like, unless it is a request/gift fic.
* I treat yaoi and slash as two different things. Yaoi = seme/uke; slash = equal relationships (i.e. there is no seme or uke). I write slash, not yaoi.
* I am an adult, therefore, I sometimes write adult things. These have warnings. I don't lead you in blindly.
* I don't put 'ratings' on the fics here. If there are no warnings, it's safe for the general public. By 'safe' I mean generally no lower than PG. Use caution regardless. I warn for common triggers only. If they spoil something for the story, they will require highlighting to read them.

.about the fanfiction.

I don't write anything below PG-13 except very, very sporadically I'll have a PG piece. I don't stick to ratings; I prefer to just warn for anything inappropriate or triggerish. However, just because there's no warnings, doesn't mean you shouldn't be cautious. Treat everything as if there were adult concepts.

Everything's tagged for easy archiving, and all the subjects show the fandom, the title, and the pairing(s). Everything's tagged by pairing, fandom, and genre (when I get around to that), whether it's a WIP or a one shot, etc.

I like writing pairing fic. This doesn't make it 'romantic' (see my Weiss Kreuz stuff) automatically. I find it hard to write gen, but I can if I choose to. I like AUs, I like introspective pieces, and I fail at being brief. I like character exploration pieces. I experiment a lot. I do like to write crack. I don't care if you hate my fics--why are you here then? Seriously.

Oh, and music is my main inspiration, followed by real life happenings.


Email: roysmyboy217 [at] gmail [dot] com
AIM: roysmyboy217 -OR- marthsexual
MSN: ichbinschuldig@live.com
Yahoo: hylianhero19876@yahoo.com
Twitter: soujimikage
Skype: mikage.souji
Google Talk: see email

You can also private message me on LJ (providing you have an account).